Div Boys U11 Dev & U12-18

Age Group Tech Coordinators

The Club has appointed AGTC's to help coaches with any technical questions and problems.  
Adam Aziz  AGTC GU8, GU13, GU16, BU9 and BU10 adam@westvansoccer.com
Desmond Tachie AGTC BU11, BU12 - GU13 and GU18 des@westvansoccer.com
Sam Saundh AGTC BU15, BU16, BU17, BU18, GU12, GU14, GU15 and GU17 sam@westvansoccer.com
Leo Nash AGTC BU13, BU14, MSL Boys and Girls leo@westvansoccer.com
Matt Walker AGTC BU8, GU9, GU10 and GU11  matt@westvansoccer.com

Divisional Boys


Boys teams play on Saturdays (older teams are sometimes scheduled on Friday evenings)

U11 Development teams and teams U12 and up play in the 4 District league which is a league comprised of teams from Burnaby, Vancouver, the North Shore and Richmond, BC.

The schedules will be  at www.4districtsoccer.com
Schedules are issued in late August.

U11 and U12

These age groups used to play 11 v 11 on adult-sized fields with adult- sized goals. Some of the less skill-developed players could play a whole game with only a few touches of the ball. The "11 v 11" game encouraged inappropriate early specialization. The move to 8 v 8 soccer at this age group means more touches on the ball, more skill development and less specialization. U11 and U12 players play on half-sized fields. In "8 v 8 soccer", all players touch the ball much more and basic skills are developed. At U11 coaches are expected to organize their teams in ways that foster player development rather than simply "to win the game".

BU11 Development teams and Interlock teams 
At U11 the Club forms one or two development teams form the keen, skillful players in the age group. The teams are formed from a year long scouting process and from the U10 team coaches input.

Boys wishing to be considered for a U11 Development Team should:

Be registered by April 15, 2015
When registering, choose the option "any level
Be prepared to travel for games in Burnaby, North Vancouver, Richmond, Vancouver
Will be expected to attend the Club's "Plus" program on Wednesdays to train with the Professional Staff as well as practising once per week with their team coach.


It should be noted that players not chosen, or not choosing to play on the Development team will still be eligible and considered for placement at Gold and Silver at the U12 age level. We are fully aware that players develop at different ages and at different rates. The Club will make every effort to keep the current teams together based on the players requests at registration. A few teams may need to be combined.


All boys not chosen for the Development teams or not willing to play on a Development team will be interlocking with teams from North Vancouver.



Boys in this age group will continue to play a Super 8 Format (8 v 8).  Gold,Silver and Bronze (house) teams will be formed from the scouting process. All teams will play in the 4 District League. The long term player development goals at this age group is developing soccer skills and speed

All BU12 gold level players will be expected to attend the Wednesday PLUS program to train with the Professional staff. Additional players from Silver teams will also be invited by the Head coach into the program. 


Teams will transition to a full size field and goals and play 11 - aside.


This is also the first year introduction to the Metro Soccer League (MSL). MSL is the top level of Club play for players U13 to U18. Teams from around the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island comprise the teams that compete.  MSL is a highly competitive league that focuses on developing players for the possibility of advancing to the next and highest level of soccer, British Columbia High Performance League.


WVSC has had an extremely successful inaugural MSL season.  With the guidance of the Club's technical staff and carefully selected team coaches, West Van players have displayed strong and continued development throughout the season, and they have been very competitive in league play.


Players from outside of WVSC are welcome to be assessed for one of the club's MSL teams.  Please register for tryouts on the WVSC web site under "registration" and then "MSL evaluations". 



The boys will continue to play within the 4 District League with 11-aside all the way to Under 18. The long term player development training at U14 leans towards position specific training and continues into U15 and beyond with the addition of refining skills and specific physical and mental training.



U11 & U12 "Super 8" Setup

Field should be setup using existing divisional sideline as per diagram. Spectators are not to be in the green area.
Field Use Rules for West Vancouver U 11 & 12 Teams:

  1. Grass/Gravel field to be lined with woz cones.

  2. First team on sets up the goals and cones, last team on puts the equipment away.

  3. Check the WVSC Fields Line, 604-926-6863 after 1 p.m. on Fridays to see if your grass field is open. If closed move to your assigned all weather alternate at the same time and call your opposition. If your field is open on Friday but you arrive at your game on Saturday or Sunday and there is standing water (puddles) or soft spots (when you walk you hear water squishing) or frost on the field - you must move to your all weather alternate.

  4. Set up the field as per attached field diagram.

    • avoid goalmouths and alternate sidelines each week, i.e. use north sideline one week, south sideline the next.

    • pace out the field, using one pace per meter mark it with a "woz" cone.

    • mark the field perimeter, the penalty area, the 20-yard and offside lines and the centre line.

    • Goal size is 18 feet x 6.5 feet for U 11 & 12

    • Field size for U 11 & 12, 8 vs 8 is 75 x 55 meter field
    More information on www.bcsoccer.net right hand side bar "Grass Roots Development" 


    BU11 Development and U12 Schedules

    The schedules will be at in Late August at www.4Districtsoccer.com  
    The schedules for BU11 Development teams and all Bu12 teams are at

    WVSC Communication Guidelines

    In order to provide support for our team coaches and managers and to improve communication between team officials and Club Directors and staff, we would like to provide you with some information and guidelines on WVSC communication. The following list of Directors and staff, along with their specific areas of responsibility, should be used to determine which Club official coaches and managers contact for information and assistance:

    Age Group Coordinators - Distribution of Team Lists, Player Movement, Player Withdrawals, League Schedule and Rules, Cup Schedule and Rules, Club Policies, Uniforms
    President  Oversees all committees
    Field Assignor Game and Practice Field Scheduling
    Equipment Manager Equipment and Uniforms
    Technical Director and Staff Technical Coaching Advice and Support
    Registrar and Camp Admin Club and Academy Registration Enquiries
    Technical Director Scouting Policies and Process
    Referee in Chief Referee No Shows

    If you are unsure of who to contact, please contact your Age Group Coordinator (AGC). Most questions or concerns can be addressed by AGCs. If they cannot provide you with an answer they will forward any questions or concerns to the appropriate Club official.

    Please DO NOT go directly to our Technical Department for concerns regarding your team. Our Technical Director and Staff are available to provide you with technical advice and support only. Although our staff coaches might have a sympathetic ear for your situation, ultimately they are not the people who will assist you in most cases. We do not want to discourage open relationships amongst our Club members and officials, but in order for us to work as efficiently as possible we need everyone to adhere to these guidelines.

    All Club officials, including AGCs, are listed on the WVSC web site Click here for all current WVSC contact information.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.

    Bill Sparling
    West Vancouver Soccer Club

    Field Assignments

    Home field assignments can change after the Thanksgiving re-alignment  

    Divisional Field Assignments

    At the start of season fields and game times are assigned to teams but  can change at the  4 District Soccer League Post Thanksgiving Re-Alignment.

    Teams are assigned from Under 18 down pairing like-number of teams in a division to make the field pairings.

    Every attempt is made to keep same times as at the start of the season but it is not always possible.

    Teams should be aware that their home field can change i.e. artificial turf moved to grass.


    Referee Performance Reporting

    There is now an online form to enter Referee Performance Evaluations. Please go to "coaches and referees" heading.