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Important Documents

  Athlete Agreement.pdf Athlete Agreement - Player code of Conduct
WVSC Constitution and Bylaws

  West Vancouver Soccer Club Constitution Bylaws May 26 2014.pdf West Vancouver Soccer Club Constitution Bylaws
  Committee Procedures.pdf Committee Procedures document 2014
  WVSC Handbook05a 2013.pdf WVSC Handbook

In an effort to aid new coaches and managers, and to remind those who are experienced, we have prepared this handbook. We have too often depended upon personalities to pass on experience and ideas. With this handbook, we hope to be more systematic in this transfer of experience.

This handbook is dedicated to the many volunteers who give so much of their time so willingly and without whom this Club would not be able to maintain its tradition of excellence. Special thanks for your time, effort, and love for the game. The young people, as always, appreciate it.
  WVSC Constitution and Bylaws.pdf West Van Soccer Club Constitution and Bylaws
Equipment / Uniforms

  WVSC Equipment Return Form U5-U10.docx U5-U10 Equipment Return Form
  WVSC Equipment Return Form U10-17.docx U10-U17 Equipment Return Form
  WVSC Equipment Return Form U18.docx U18 Equipment Return Form
4 District Boys

  roster.xls Team roster (excel format). Type one side, the other side is is automatically filled in.
  roster.doc Team Roster (Word format)
  NS Club Agreed Policy.pdf North Shore Club Agreed Policy on Registration Selection and Transfer of Players
BC Coastal Girls Soccer League

  Operating Rules and Policies - 2013 May 24.doc BC Coastal Girls Soccer League Guide
  U11-U12 Girls' Vancouver-West Vancouver Interlock 2012-2013 Guide21.doc U11 girls and U12 8-aside League Vancouver/West Vancouver inter-lock league guide for the 2012-2013 season

  RMF-AB.pdf Risk Management form for completion by all coaches, managers and others entrusted with the oversight of minors.
  code of conduct.pdf Coaches code of conduct form for completion by all coaches.

  BCSA Provincial Game Structure.pdf British Columbia Soccer Association

Recommended Provincial Game Structure

  wvreport form ref.pdf WVSC Peewee Referee Report
  EXPECTATIONS FOR COACHES.pdf Expectations for Coaches
  concussion-coach1.pdf SPORT-RELATED CONCUSSION
  A_MUST_Read_For_All_Coac-hes.pdf An article from This is interesting reading on what to do with weaker players.
  Coaching Application 2015.pdf Please use this document when applying for a coaching position in West Vancouver
Health and Fitness

  TheEducatedParentJune200-7WEBSITEDOC.pdf The British Columbia Soccer Association strives to provide a healthy and active lifestyle through its Grassroots programming.

The Grassroots programming focuses on fun and avoids emphasizing any form of winning. Every child is guaranteed playing time and the game is taught while players develop in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.
  sport concession guidelines.pdf Eating for Peak Performance
A Winning Eating Plan
  Soccer -Eating for Peak Performance.pdf High Performance Fuel for Athletes Guidelines for Sport Concession Stands
  concussion-information-athletes.pdf Concussion Information for Athletes
AGM Documents

  2017 - West Vancouver Soccer Club Financials.pdf 2017 WVSC Financials
  WEST VANCOUVER SOCCER CLUB-Resolutions RE_ Name Change of the Society Schedule A (2).DOCX WVSC Resolutions 2017 AGM
  President's Report 2012-13.docx 2012-2013 President's Report
  AGM_2013_Agenda For Annual General Meeting.pdf 2013 AGM Agenda for WVSC Annual General Meeting.
  Report_from_West_Vancouv-er_.pdf WVSC Balance Sheet as of 31 March 2013
  WVSC Income Statement March 31 2013.pdf WVSC Income Statement April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013
  Committee Procedures Draft 2014.pdf Committee Procedures Terms of Reference
  Communication and Promotion Comm Draft 2014.pdf The Committee works on behalf of the Club to oversee and manage communication
  Divisional Play Comm Draft 2014.pdf The committee oversees Divisional play from minis to u18's
  WVSC-Constitution 2001.pdf Constitution and bylaws 2001
  Facilities and Equipment Comm Draft 2014.pdf this committee is responsible for overseeing and managing the Club use of game and practice facilities, equipment and uniforms, and the planning for new or improved facilities.
  DRAFT WVSC Constitution Bylaws June 2014 V 2 with revisions made (2).pdf June 2014 Draft Constitution and Bylaws
  Revenue Generation Comm Draft 2014.pdf This committee works on behalf of the Club and is responsible for revenue generation activities and initiatives that are external to investments, membership registration and program fee
  Technical Comm Draft 2014.pdf The Committee works on behalf of the Club to help develop and oversee technical playing standardsand coaching development within the Club.
  WVSC - AGM Agenda May 26 2014.pdf AGENDA FOR MEETING
  WVSC May 26 2014 AGM - Special Resolutions.pdf The following special resolutions are being presented to revise the current Bylaws (last revised July 2010)
  WVSC2013-Income Statement.pdf As of March 31 2014
  WVSC2013-Balance Sheet.pdf As of March 31 2014
  Nomination page.pdf If you are interested in running for an elected Board of Director position or if you are someone who would like to nominate someone for a Director position, please use the following link to find the nomination page:
  WVSC 2014-2018 Strategic Plan - Final Feb 7 2014.pdf Strategic Plan Document

  U8 Age Group Information Sheet.pdf U8 Fundamentals
  U9 Age Group Information Sheet.pdf U9 Fundamentals
  U10 Age Group Information Sheet.pdf U10 Fundamentals

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  Athlete Agreement.pdf Athlete Agreement - Player code of Conduct
  parents_guide.pdf Soccer, a sideline guide for parents
  EXPECTATIONS FOR PARENTS.pdf Expectations for Parents
  Parent Contract.pdf Parent contract
Player Development

  WVSC Long Term Player Development.pdf WVSC long term player development guide
  BC Soccer 1.pdf 2005 - 2006 Provincial Teams Program - Club Team Scouting Series
  SpringBreak_06.pdf Spring Break Camp information and registration form.
  CSALTDP.pdf Wellness to World Cup

Long-Term Player Development
  Information for Local Soccer Clubs.pdf Basic information on Sentinel's Soccer Academy 2005-03-03

Scholarship Application Form for Girls and Boys
  Referee Development Program r1.pdf Program to develop referees
  web info street soccer.pdf 2004-2005 Start-up information for Parents of Street Soccer Players
  International Youth Soccer Seminar Special Offer Form.pdf International Youth Soccer Seminar group special offer form
Player Evaluation Forms

  evaluation form.xls Player Evaluation form 2013/14
  WVSC_Player_Evaluation_F-orm.doc 2013 Out of Area Player Evaluation Form

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  assessments.pdf Assessment Guidelines

  Mark Steven scholarship.doc The West Vancouver Soccer Club and the Steven Family are pleased to announce the first presentation of the Mark Steven Soccer Scholarship for West Van Secondary graduating students. This educational bursary of $2000 ($1000 each for one male and one female player) will be presented annually to the male and female West Van Soccer Club player who best display the following personal attributes that were so important in Mark.s life.
  Scholarship_WV_high_scho-ols.doc WVSC Scholarship awards for Graduating West Van High School Students (includes all public and private schools
Sidelines (pre 2005)

  WVSC Sidelines December 2004.pdf Winter (December) 2004 Issue of Sidelines Newsletter
  WVSC Sidelines Fall 2004.pdf WVSC Sidelines Fall 2004 Issue
  sidelines_spring2002.pdf Sidelines News Letter - Spring 2002 issue.
  sidelines_fall2002.pdf Sidelines News Letter - Fall 2002 issue.
  sidelines_winter2002.pdf Sidelines News Letter - Winter 2002 issue.
  sidelines_spring2003.pdf Sidelines News Letter - Spring 2003 issue.
  sidelines_fall2003.pdf Sidelines News Letter - Fall 2003 issue.
  sidelines_winter2003.pdf Sidelines News Letter - Winter 2003 issue.

  December 2011 sidelines.pdf Sidelines Newsletter - December 2011
  June Newsletter v 4.pdf Sidelines June 2012

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2010 WVSC Remembrance Day Tournament

  wvsc_tournament_field_la-yout.jpg Field Layout
  wvsc_tournament_GU10_sch-edule_oct22.jpg Girls U10 Tournament Schedule
  wvsc_tournament_GU11_sch-edule_oct22.jpg Girls U11 Tournament Schedule
  wvsc_tournament_GU12_sch-edule_oct22.jpg Girls U12 Tournament Schedule
  wvsc_tournament_BU10_sch-edule_oct22.jpg Boys U10 Tournament Schedule
  wvsc_tournament_BU11_sch-edule_oct22.jpg Boys U11 Tournament Schedule
  wvsc_tournament_BU12_sch-edule_oct22.jpg Boys U12 Tournament Schedule

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Langara Report

  BUSM_4300_Project_Report-_v.18.pdf Langara Report
  WVSCPowerPoint_rev_10.pdf Langara Report
  Communication Matrix Form.pdf Langara Report
  Employee SurveySummary.xls Langara Report